Aviva Community Challenge – We Need YOUR Help

Update:  Voting is now closed!  Thanks to everyone who voted for us as we now await the results.

As you may know, we have had problems with green-blue algae on the lake for several years.  Once this blooms we have to suspend boating, missing out on the opportunity to train our young people in water sports.  To overcome this we fitted some equipment to our pontoon which kills the algae, but earlier this year it was vandalised and put out of action.  We have had the equipment repaired but it cost £1000 to fix.  We have had some private donations towards the costs of repairs, but we have now entered into the local Aviva Community Challenge to raise additional funds.

We need your support to help us win a grant from the fund. All you need to do is register an email address for our project (4th NFN (Eling) Sea Scout Pinger) at the Aviva Community Challenge Website  You will get 10 votes and can use all of them on our project.  Please help us, and tell your friends.

Remember, the lake is also used by Testwood Lakes Sailability which provides accessible sailing on the lake for disabled people.


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