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It's a small world

A letter from America


We know that Scouting is Global - only six countries in the world do not have Scouts.  But this was brought home to me last night, when I received an e-mail praising our web site, especially the Links page.  

Aquativity Working Party - Posted 9/2/2013

Next working party: Saturday 16thFebruary 2013


So, the recent Saturday working party was a resounding success. With around 28 people turning up, we had the most fantastic day. Not just in progress, but in bonding and taking ownership as a Scout Group of the new building. If you haven’t done so already, have a look at the pictures from the day.

Aquativity Progress Update

The working party on 26 January was a big success, with a huge amount of work completed - see the slide show. Many thanks to all who turned up to help.

Since the weekend, we've got more boarding, more electrics and in particular, the plasterers have moved in - the hall is plastered, with landing and stairs well underway.

Plastering off to a rapid start

It was an excellent working party at the weekend, where lots of jobs got done as well as decisions getting made, and plenty of people got to see the main hall without scaffolding for the first time.  Thanks to all who helped out.  We are still running working parties every Thursday evening, as well as having one planned in for Saturday 16th February.

Ceiling sees the light

2013-01-26 Hall roof

The new celing of the main hall has been revealed in all its glory.  On a glorious sunny morning the scaffolders arrived and removed the temporary staging upstairs to reveal the beautifully varnished boarding.

"It is a great day and a major milestone on the way to completion", said Robin Clarkson, the new Group Chairman.  Many of the Group's Leaders were on hand to see the improvement, and with the sun streaming through the windows there is a great sense of space in the main room.  The working party were all busy, lining walls, completing storage areas and numerous other jobs.  Although there is still a lot to do, the end is coming into view - details such as where to locate the flag hoist were even being discussed!

Working parties still meet each Thursday at 6.30pm.  Do come along and give a hand.

New Group Chairman & Working Party News

 Hello, I thought I would drop you all a short note by way of introduction. My name is Robin Clarkson and I have been appointed as the new Chairman of the Group. (I usually manage to step back as quick as anyone normally, but I was obviously a bit slow this time!)

Beavers' Spring Programme Launched

Details of the Beaver Colony Meetings are now available on the Group Calendars.

Published 15 Jan 2013

2013 work gets underway

Following a short break over Christmas, work is well underway again at Aquativity.  Yesterday evening was a good example - at 8pm there was:

  • a team of carpenters fitting boarding above the windows upstairs (the higher main ceiling now boarded, and plasterboard on the walls, the bits in between are being finished off),
  • an electrician putting in cabling for extractor fans in the upstairs toilets (ceiling light fittings were being delivered today ready to put up, and lots of sockets, lights and other fittings are first fixed, trying to keep ahead of the boarding work),
  • a couple of volunteers tidying and sweeping up, keeping the place in order so nothing gets in the way of getting on with the work (we've seen so much progress recently, we had run out of plasterboard with more being delivered today, so finishing off areas like the dry store is next on the list), and
  • members of the building committee reviewing all the main work items remaining, so as to confirm completion schedule and budget.

Aquativity Working Parties Start Up Again

New Year AQUATIVITY Working Parties

EVERY  Thursday - 6.30 pm and Saturday 26 January - All Day