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A New Year Begins

2013 promises to be a fantastic year for the Group!

The Group is looking forward to 2013 with a sense of anticipation and excitement.  The new Aquativity Centre is moving towards completion and we eagerly await holding our first meetings in the magnificent building. 

Hall ceiling

Most of the ceiling has been boarded - just the central beam to cover and some finishing off to do, then fitting fire alarm sensors and lights on the cabling you can see.  The boarding looks excellent, as I'm sure you'll agree...

Pictures rather than words

I've not got a great deal to say today, I'm just putting up a post because I wanted to show some more pictures of the main hall as work progresses.  I've just seen some further photos from today (but not got access to the photos myself) showing that the tongue'n'groove boarding is going on the ceiling and end walls rapidly.  I'll get some photos posted when I can.  Main areas of progress at the moment are:

Christmas Bag Packing Success


Once again our thanks go to the management and staff of   in Totton!!


Barker-Mills Support The Group

Some weeks ago we mentioned the generous donation from Barker-Mills which has helped us press on with the fitting out of the Aquativity Centre. Once again we would like to acknowledge the support from them - the full story can be seen here.

Building work warms up

Despite the cold weather work progress is being made on both floors of the new HQ. Lots of insulation work and construction of storage areas have bee installed as well as the lift mechanism.  See the latest report in full.

...two floors, connected (nearly)

Huge amounts of progress to report since my last post (A Tale of Two Floors), downstairs, upstairs and in between.

Aquativity Working Parties

Every Thursday Evening 6.30 - 9pm

Testwood Lakes

Please come along and help out with the building work

Building work goes up a level

Work to complete the new HQ is continuing and our attention is now moving to the upper floor, including the main room.  See the latest report in full.

A tale of two floors

Inspired by the title of this write-up of last weekend's Remembrance Day parades, it occurred to me that the current work at the Aquativity Centre is "A tale of two floors".
I know the photos in this post are not the best quality - it was the best I could do during a working party well after dark last night.