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Eling Leaders At Windsor

Rain fails to spoil National St George's Day Parade!

Vanessa poses at Windor wearing her Silver Acorn (V Slawson)

HM The Queen & HRH Duke of Edinburgh chat with Bear Grylls. (V Slawson)

THE NATIONAL ST GEORGE'S DAY PARADE did not escape the torrential rain that plagued our District event. Our Cub Leader, Vanessa was invited to watch the parade along with scores of other award recipients. Also on hand to enjoy the day were the parents of the hundreds of Queens' Scouts, their numbers swelled as the parade would be reviewed by HM The Queen and HRH Duke of Edinburgh. The morning practice sessions were definitely wet-weather affairs as the Queen's Scouts practised their drill ready for the parade before being addressed by the Chief Scout, Bear Grylls. The weather failed to co-operate, despite it being the Diamond Jubilee Year, and as natty blue plastic cagouls were issued to the marchers, the decision was taken to cut the event short. Vanessa said, "It was wet, windy and cold in Windsor. Add to that a very long wait in the Quadrangle of the Castle, no formation of the Queen’s Scouts and no Royal Inspection.

Then Bear and Derek Twine walk around the Quadrangle talking to as many as possible, super. The 14th Eastleigh Scout band marched in, played and displayed, wonderful and so very good. Her Majesty The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh arrived to review the parade, things brightened up. Then, from all over the UK, the 2012 Queen’s Scouts, dressed in see-through blue plastic waterproofs, marched in, so defiant of the weather and so proud. Well done to the Hampshire Queen’s Scouts, the best, of course, and to the Queen’s Scouts Working Party making everything run smoothly. What a wonderful day"

After the parade the Queen's Scouts attended the National Service in St George's Chapel, where Bear spoke to them again. By this time the sun had made an appearance over the Castle and they were able to ditch the cagouls before they lined up and marched proudly through King Henry's Gate to the Royal Mews.

Helping to run the event was our Assistant Scout Leader, Flic, who received her own Queen's Scout Award and attended last year's parade. She has just joined the Queen's Scout Working Party, which helps run national Scouting events. She said "I've been thrilled to help make this a special day to mark the achievements of so many Queen's Scouts." After acting as a marker for the saluting base, only feet away from HM The Queen, Flic was delighted to escort Bear Grylls to the Chapel and join the parade back to the Royal Mews, before heading back to her studies in York.

Flic has her own parade as she makes for St George's Chapel watched by throngs of tourists.(F Wright)

Flic joins the main parade as they leave Windsor Castle. (F Wright)

Flic chats with award recipients as they wait for the parade. (V SLawson)