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Drink a little - help an explorer help others!

As you may know some of our Explorers are travelling to the Gambia after Christmas to do some voluntary work.  They will be visiting the Kaira Konko Scout Centre  which is supported by Hampshire Scouts.


One of Relentless Explorers, Megan  has organised a Wine Tasting evening on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 16THat 7PM FOR A 7.30M START UNTIL 10.30/11PM as a fundraiser for the trip.  It is being held at Deorfrith Lodge, Lyndhurst Scout Hut , Wellands Rd Lyndhurst, . The evening will consist of 4 glasses served with a taster of appropriate food. This will not be a meal, just a complimenting nibble for the wine:


White wine served with smoked salmon

Red wine served with beef

Dessert wine served with sweet

Port served with cheese

The evening will also be punctuated with a quiz to keep you entertained. The cost for the evening is £20.

Tanguy Martin is the Sommelier for the evening. He is the second sommelier in the renowned Terravina Hotel, being trained under one of the world’s best! He has already chosen the white and red, coming from the cellars of The Terravina so we should be in for a delight. The port is bought and the dessert yet to be chosen!


As the location is a little far out, there is the possibility of hiring transport at additional cost if sufficient demand.


They have a range of tables to use so there will be 4’s,6’s and 8’s but with a maximum of 80 people. If you are on your own you can be matched  up with others. Due to the calibre of the wine the price will be £20 a head to be paid asap 

There will also be a keg of Ringwood beer for those thirsty ones also and a licence to sell the offered wine so bring your wallets too in case!!

The usual raffle will be held too so if any of you have a prize to donate please let Lou know and bring along.

Dress code is casual but smart enough to compliment a gorgeous wine and impress the young French sommelier!!!

Please contact Lou you would like to go, or need any further information


Many thanks