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2013 work gets underway

By brian.cope - Posted on 11 January 2013

Following a short break over Christmas, work is well underway again at Aquativity.  Yesterday evening was a good example - at 8pm there was:

  • a team of carpenters fitting boarding above the windows upstairs (the higher main ceiling now boarded, and plasterboard on the walls, the bits in between are being finished off),
  • an electrician putting in cabling for extractor fans in the upstairs toilets (ceiling light fittings were being delivered today ready to put up, and lots of sockets, lights and other fittings are first fixed, trying to keep ahead of the boarding work),
  • a couple of volunteers tidying and sweeping up, keeping the place in order so nothing gets in the way of getting on with the work (we've seen so much progress recently, we had run out of plasterboard with more being delivered today, so finishing off areas like the dry store is next on the list), and
  • members of the building committee reviewing all the main work items remaining, so as to confirm completion schedule and budget.
It may not be ideal working late into winter evenings (or taking photos, for that matter), but we're keen to get finished off.  The professional trades are working through the day and putting some extra hours in, while the volunteers are turning up on evenings and weekends when they can.
Chippies upstairs cutting boards to lengthLooking up from lakeside to where the boards are going on the ceilingThe view from on top of the scaffolding as the ceiling gets finished off