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New Group Chairman & Working Party News

 Hello, I thought I would drop you all a short note by way of introduction. My name is Robin Clarkson and I have been appointed as the new Chairman of the Group. (I usually manage to step back as quick as anyone normally, but I was obviously a bit slow this time!)


My children have been involved with Cubs and the Scouts sections for many years and I feel that now is a good time to put something back into the Group, so here I am...

My role is to support all the leaders and help them continue to deliver what has to be one of the most successful Scouting experiences offered here in Hampshire.  My huge thanks go to my predecessor, Brian Cope, who has worked tirelessly for the Group over the last 4 years.  I hope I can continue to deliver for the Group in a similar way and live up to the expectations and needs of you all.

2013 is an exciting year for everyone.  I find myself dropped into many meetings on all sorts of areas, not least the new HQ at Testwood Lakes. A ll this, whilst rapidly learning how the Group works.  It has been an interesting January so far, and I believe it will continue like this for the next few months whilst the imminent completion of the building looms.

The HQ is now in its final phase of building and important work is going on to ensure that the building is fit for purpose for all sections.  Huge efforts have been made by many people ranging from fundraising to work parties to project management.

We should all be very grateful for these efforts, many of which go unseen behind the scenes.

However, we are in the critical finishing stage now and if we are to complete the building and be in occupation by April of this year, there is still a lot to do.

We need your help if we are to achieve this.

As you will all know, there is a work Party this Saturday 26th January.  I cannot emphasise how important this day is; not only helping move the work forward, but also reducing the amount of funding we require to complete.  We will be providing “suitable“ refreshments for lunch (no doubt Scouting style) and you won’t want to miss that now, would you?  I believe we will need to hold these Saturday sessions regularly if we are to achieve our aim.  Once we see how well this Saturday works, we will put a series of dates together over the coming months.  Don’t worry if you believe you do not have any suitable skills, there is plenty to do whatever help you can give.

I offer my thanks in advance for Saturday and I know we will all make a big effort to come along, even if only for a couple of hours and make the HQ a reality.

Finally, I shall be there for the day and if any of you want to talk about anything, or even just say hello, I will be the one with the lost & confused look on my face!

 Many thanks, Robin.