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Ceiling sees the light

2013-01-26 Hall roof

The new celing of the main hall has been revealed in all its glory.  On a glorious sunny morning the scaffolders arrived and removed the temporary staging upstairs to reveal the beautifully varnished boarding.

"It is a great day and a major milestone on the way to completion", said Robin Clarkson, the new Group Chairman.  Many of the Group's Leaders were on hand to see the improvement, and with the sun streaming through the windows there is a great sense of space in the main room.  The working party were all busy, lining walls, completing storage areas and numerous other jobs.  Although there is still a lot to do, the end is coming into view - details such as where to locate the flag hoist were even being discussed!

Working parties still meet each Thursday at 6.30pm.  Do come along and give a hand.