You are hereAquativity Working Party - Posted 9/2/2013

Aquativity Working Party - Posted 9/2/2013

Next working party: Saturday 16thFebruary 2013


So, the recent Saturday working party was a resounding success. With around 28 people turning up, we had the most fantastic day. Not just in progress, but in bonding and taking ownership as a Scout Group of the new building. If you haven’t done so already, have a look at the pictures from the day.

My huge thanks go to those able to turn up.

Works continue apace. All of the first floor is now plastered and awaits decorating. Plasterboarding continues on Thursday nights and there are not many walls left to do. Even this weekend, there is work going on with the final installation of the heating ducts in the main hall in preparation for commissioning.

 Next Saturday, 16thFebruary is the next weekend working party and I would be delighted to see as many of you there with me as possible. We are aiming to decorate the first floor, seal the boat store & dry store floor as well as continue putting up the final walls in the few remaining ground floor rooms.

We are on the final push for completion and with a bit of luck and some concerted efforts at the upcoming work parties, I hope that we will be in occupation in April this year after so many years of efforts by so many of you.

What a moment that will be for everyone.

So, please, make the effort to come and help next Saturday even for a few hours, it all helps. The more we get done, the sooner we can move in!

I look forward to seeing you all on the day

Robin Clarkson, Chairman, 4thNFN Sea Scouts