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James Ketchell Photographs

Some photos from the recent visit to Testwood Lakes and Aquativity, by James Ketchell, adventurer and Scout Ambassador.
jk33 James visited Testwood Lakes as part of a tour of Hampshire to raise awareness of his planned adventure to cycle around the world. Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from the Group were on hand to meet him. As a reminder of his rowing trip across the Atlantic James was invited onto the lake in Pegasus.

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These images courtesy of Vanessa Slawson.
K-1 James enjoys looking round our new main hall. K-2 James signs autographs

K-3 James is welcomed by Cubs & Scouts K-4 Ready for the water

K-5 Paul and James pulling hard in Pegasus K-6 Smiles all round!
These next images courtesy of F Wright.
jk01The catering team get to work jk02 Pegasus waits quietly on still waters jk03 The peleton arrives

jk04 James arrives - where are the crowds? jk05 Ah, that's where you are hiding! jk06 - The other hand, James! jk09 James meets with Paul and Vanessa

jk07 - The Cubs are enthralled by his adventures jk08 Sharing a joke jk10 - Some of the stranger points of rowing a boat?

jk11 A cub poses a tricky question jk12 Paul shows James the new hall jk13 Even more questions from the Cubs & Scouts jk15 Discussing the finer points of the new hall

jk14 Discussing our plans for the future jk16 Photo opportunity! jk17 Visiting Socuts & Cubs

jk18 Trusty steed jk19 The youngsters were enthralled and asked endless questions jk20 This all looks a bit too familiar

jk21 Hands inside the boat! jk22 Anticipation jk23  Ready to go

jk24 Now where's Paul? jk25 Our County Commissioner Puts His Oar In jk26 Off at last

jk27 I can see a wake jk28 Back safely jk30 Alone at last

Ketch-7 The group ready to set off again