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Lights, trailers, showers, notice boards...

By brian.cope - Posted on 14 May 2013

...and more finishing touches - closer to completion every day.  Tonight's review of progress shows a few more highlights from the last couple of weeks.

I didn't get any photos of the kitchens because the Group Scout Leader and Assistant Group Scout Leader were too busy fitting cupboard door and drawer fronts for me to get in their way!  But the kitchens are now both approaching completion - cookers are in, one of the extractors is fitted and the other ready to go in, and most of the cupboards are now complete.

All 3 changing areas are rapidly looking like usable spaces, having spent a long time being the last rooms to progress. Shower fittings are in, pipework is in, and we now just need to get the two connected together.  Toilets are fitted, extractor fans are going in and these areas are getting close to complete.

The main entrance foyer has carpet, alarm fittings, emergency exits, lights, fire extinguishers - all ready for use.  Similarly, the upstairs landing area is floored, lit and signed, including toilets, lift access and doorways into the meeting room and kitchen.

In the boat store, the Pico (sailing dinghy) trailers have arrived, been adjusted to fit our boats and now they make ideal racking as well as transport when needed.  With kayak racking around the walls, canoes, RIBs and extra kayaks down the centre, 2x 3-boat Pico trailers, racked and labelled buoyancy aids, and raft building equipment down one wall, all is in place for a complete boating programme.

Last but certainly not least for today, the main hall.  Lights are now connected up and in use, heating is available for use (and very effective), emergency exits are signed and with emergency lighting ready for use.

The banners used for advertising the Aquativity Centre have been put in here and in the foyer to help any early visitors understand the project and its potential uses.

The Donkey Derby and its associated Grand Draw will raise some much-needed funds this Saturday, alongside a boating event on the lake, also providing some important income for the Centre.  Plenty more working parties for finishing the electrics, painting and other finishing touches over the coming weeks, so a busy few weeks, but as these photos show, it is well worth it and showing some fantastic results.