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The Road to Aquativity

The story of the building of Aquativity in pictures. From the digging of the first trench to the opening day.

It's taken two hard years to complete our spendid new building, since the contractors first came on site in May 2011.   In that time hundreds of volunteer hours have been given to provide a worthy home for the Group and a water activities centre the area can be proud of.  This gallery is a tribute to all of those who contributed and to our generous sponsors who have made it possible.

Click on thumbnails to see larger versions of the photos, which have been provided by B Cope, R Clarkson, P Bullock and F & T Wright.

RTA_1st-day20110526 RTA_hardcore-20110701

RTA_foot-20110606 RTA_wetfoot-20110720

RTA_walls-20110705 RTA_floor-20110728

So the base is ready - now for the shell.

RTA_scaffold-20110802 RTA_its4us-20110804

RTA_goingup-20110804 RTA_first-panel-20110804

RTA_boatshed-20110804 RTA_topfloorarr-20110809

RTA_2floorscaff-20110805 RTA_crane-20110804


And now onto the roof .....

RTA_roof-20110811 RTA_roofboard-20110826

31st August - Felt is finished 3 RTA_tiled-20110921

September 2011 and at last we can look inside!

RTA_first look upstairs

RTA_plasterboard RTA_plasterboarding

RTA_hall storage RTA_stair frame

Autumn 2012 and it looks finished, but inside there is still a huge amount to do!


Some big equipment is needed to install the services!

RTA_boring 201301

Still lots of inside work to complete, including wetrooms and galleys.

RTA_showers RTA_ex lights

Spring 2013 and the interior is nearly completed.

Hall flooring Cookers

The boat store is fitted out and in use so we can remove the container and get the grass down.

RTA_picos 2 RTA_picos

RTA_container last day RTA_grassdown 20130608

And finally, the big day dawns and a crowd gathers to watch the opening ceremony.