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The Great Thames Row - Day 3 pt 2


Up early! On the water by 0730. This will be the longest day. Arrange to meet up with every one at Whitchurch lock and set off for the first 13 mile section, leaving Phil, Keith and Linda to strike camp. We set of at a good pace through Days and then Benson Locks. Later we are contacted by the support to say it not possible to access Whitchurch Lock easily so they will meet us at Goring.

11:00 approx we arrive at Goring to be met with steaming cups of tea. These tasted the best ever. 11:20 set off again and just after Whitchurch Lock we find Gary’s boss and wife sat in some stranger’s garden, drinking tea and waiting for us. (Mention help for heroes and anything is possible). After five minutes chat we press on again. 12 miles and 3 locks later we are rowing into Shiplake Lock where we expect more tea. 15:00 - as we arrive Joe says that Linda is waving us in by a large cruiser. We hop ashore and are met by a Norwegian couple with a silver tray loaded with china mugs of tea and hobnobs. Luxury! How Linda managed this is another story. Say goodbye to Keith and Linda thanking them for all their help and they set off home.

15:20 Refreshed we set off again. Another 9 miles and 3 locks. This section included "The Henley Mile" which we completed in a respectable 12 minutes, even getting some aplause as we passed Henley rowing club.

18:30 Arrive Hurley lock to find camp pitched and loads of pasta.