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Donkey Derby Update

Well, what a day!  The sun certainly shone on the Group last Saturday at the 19th Donkey Derby! What a fantastic success!

We had 4000 people come through the gates and early indications are that we have delivered over £10 000 to the Group which is sorely needed to allow further progress to be made to the HQ. 

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the event in any way. Not just Leaders or Exec members, but all of you. Selling programmes in the run up to the event, contributing tombola prizes, selling raffle tickets and all the other things that make the event the success it was. On the Friday set up day, we had more volunteers than previous years, which eased the burden on the fundraising group.

Also, a special thanks to Dot and her team for such a well organised event. The pre planning on this event takes many hours over the previous year. If you have any feedback on the event please speak or forward to Dot . Also any photos would be greatly appreciated .

Next year will be our 20th Derby and it has become one of the annual events in the Totton social calendar. So let's make that one a really special day!

Robin Clarkson GSL