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Testwood Aquativity Centre

A purpose-built boating centre
Built and managed by Eling Sea Scouts
A 21st Century Scout Headquarters and Water Activities Centre
 But we still need your help, now to complete the fitting out of the building and the grounds, including fencing and paving!
If you think you can help in any way please get in touch.

To keep fully up to date on developments and for more details about the construction work then see our Blog below.
Aquativity News

"You have reached your destination"

So this is it - Aquativity is now open.  This blog, charting the Road To Aquativity, has served its purpose of keeping interested parties informed of progress towards a functioning Aquativity Centre.  This is the last blog post in the series; I hope you have found it useful and interesting.  Please also take some time to look back through the history both here on the blog and in the newly posted picture gallery celebrating our opening on the Sea Scouts website.

The last push

With 11 days to go until the official opening, there are still lots of smaller jobs to do.  All of a sudden, what previously seemed to be "oh, plenty of time to get that done, it is only a little job" turns into "wow, what a lot of little jobs we need to get done in such a short time".

Lights, trailers, showers, notice boards...

...and more finishing touches - closer to completion every day.  Tonight's review of progress shows a few more highlights from the last couple of weeks.

Finishing touches continue

Since the last update here, finishing the various rooms and facilities in the Aquativity Centre has continued.  A few highlights include good progress with the internal plumbing for toilets, basins, showers etc., completing the flooring (the foyer, for example, has been transformed with a hard-wearing carpet) and getting towards the completion of the what has seemed to be an endless task of the electrical wiring and fittings.

Back into the boating season

While the building gets finished off, Scouts and Explorers are back into their boating season.  Good to see the lake in use again.

Opening Day declared!

It was declared to the Sea Scouts today - we have an official opening day...

23rd June 2013 is when Aquativity will be declared operational.

A tour of the building

As you may have seen on the Sea Scouts website, there have been quite a few working parties over recent weeks, as well as ongoing work from a range of trades.  This has led to rapid progress as you might expect, so I thought it was about time we took a tour of the building, with some current status along the way...

Plastering off to a rapid start

It was an excellent working party at the weekend, where lots of jobs got done as well as decisions getting made, and plenty of people got to see the main hall without scaffolding for the first time.  Thanks to all who helped out.  We are still running working parties every Thursday evening, as well as having one planned in for Saturday 16th February.

2013 work gets underway

Following a short break over Christmas, work is well underway again at Aquativity.  Yesterday evening was a good example - at 8pm there was:

  • a team of carpenters fitting boarding above the windows upstairs (the higher main ceiling now boarded, and plasterboard on the walls, the bits in between are being finished off),
  • an electrician putting in cabling for extractor fans in the upstairs toilets (ceiling light fittings were being delivered today ready to put up, and lots of sockets, lights and other fittings are first fixed, trying to keep ahead of the boarding work),
  • a couple of volunteers tidying and sweeping up, keeping the place in order so nothing gets in the way of getting on with the work (we've seen so much progress recently, we had run out of plasterboard with more being delivered today, so finishing off areas like the dry store is next on the list), and
  • members of the building committee reviewing all the main work items remaining, so as to confirm completion schedule and budget.

Hall ceiling

Most of the ceiling has been boarded - just the central beam to cover and some finishing off to do, then fitting fire alarm sensors and lights on the cabling you can see.  The boarding looks excellent, as I'm sure you'll agree...