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Testwood Aquativity Centre

A purpose-built boating centre
Built and managed by Eling Sea Scouts
A 21st Century Scout Headquarters and Water Activities Centre
 But we still need your help, now to complete the fitting out of the building and the grounds, including fencing and paving!
If you think you can help in any way please get in touch.

To keep fully up to date on developments and for more details about the construction work then see our Blog below.
Aquativity News

Pictures rather than words

I've not got a great deal to say today, I'm just putting up a post because I wanted to show some more pictures of the main hall as work progresses.  I've just seen some further photos from today (but not got access to the photos myself) showing that the tongue'n'groove boarding is going on the ceiling and end walls rapidly.  I'll get some photos posted when I can.  Main areas of progress at the moment are:

...two floors, connected (nearly)

Huge amounts of progress to report since my last post (A Tale of Two Floors), downstairs, upstairs and in between.

A tale of two floors

Inspired by the title of this write-up of last weekend's Remembrance Day parades, it occurred to me that the current work at the Aquativity Centre is "A tale of two floors".
I know the photos in this post are not the best quality - it was the best I could do during a working party well after dark last night.

Working parties

For the past 2 Thursday evenings, a working party of volunteers has been at the Aquativity Centre progressing the internal fit out.  Considering these were just a few people for just a few hours, the progress they have made is excellent.  It may seem like a small thing, but clearing out some of the rubbish makes a big difference - the dry store is now accessible again as a result, and yesterday its internal walls were insulated and boarded with Sterling board.  The main stairs are also insulated and boarded, as are the downstairs meeting rooms and galley.

Lots of outdoor work completed

Sorry for such a long gap since the last post.  There has been so much going on over the summer that we've never got around to updating this blog, so I'll attempt to summarise the news...
Much of the practical work has been outside recently, sorting out utilities connections, drainage and the external ground finishing.  We've been particularly keen to complete utilities connections, as these require permissions and negotiation, so worth getting done as soon as possible.

Getting plastered!

The boat store walls and ceiling have a smart new plastered surface.  Having completed the boarding, a team of plasterers came in one weekend and did the lot.  Skirting, sealing and painting (floor, walls and ceiling) comes next, then the light fittings and sockets can go in - we have an electricity supply metered and ready to use as soon as we can put in the fittings and connect the wiring through the consumer unit.


I forgot to mention in my last posting, but you may have noticed in the pictures, we have opening doors to the boat store!

Fundraising successes and more boat store progress

Since our last posting on this blog, we've been making progress on a number of fronts:
  1. Fundraising, I'll list some highlights in a moment
  2. Boat store and dry store, again more on that here
  3. Utilities connections, I'll post something soon to let you know what is happening - there are some negotiations involved and I'd rather not say too much until they are closed
So, fundraising first.

A few highlights

Main stairsWhile the fundrai

Boat store progress

A few people have been very busy over the last few weeks getting some traction on the work needed to get the boat store into operation.  From a bare shell as the starting point, the tasks involve insulating the walls and ceiling, then boarding/dry-lining them, in parallel with doing the electrical first fix for the building, taking cabling through and into the boat store.  We also need a partition wall to separate the wet boat store from the dry camping equipment store, with associated doorway and fire escape stairs.