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Testwood Aquativity Centre

A purpose-built boating centre
Built and managed by Eling Sea Scouts
A 21st Century Scout Headquarters and Water Activities Centre
 But we still need your help, now to complete the fitting out of the building and the grounds, including fencing and paving!
If you think you can help in any way please get in touch.

To keep fully up to date on developments and for more details about the construction work then see our Blog below.
Aquativity News

General update - March 2012

Plenty going on behind the scenes, even if visible progress may appear to have slowed, to the casual observer.

Thank you for voting for us

Back in October, we asked for your help.  Nat West Community Force were running a website where projects all round the country could advertise what they were doing and ask for votes from supporters.  The 3 projects with the most votes in each region (ours being Southampton) would get a donation of £6,000 as a result of attracting these votes.  With your help, and with a lot of running around in the final days of voting, we got 360 votes.  Thank you!

Nat West Community Force have just announced the winners.  And the result is....


The windows and doors have arrived this week, and as of yesterday evening, the windows had all been installed, and 1 door in.  Ridge tiles have completed on the roof too, and cladding as far as possible, ready for completion now the windows are in.

Here's a few snaps I took yesterday.

Vote for Aquativity to win us £6000

Despite the great success of the 20/20 fundraising challenge, we still need more money and more support.  One of the latest initiatives we are taking part in is the Nat West Community Force.

Everyone is invited to register their email address on the Community Force website, then vote for up to 3 projects across the country.  The 3 projects in each area with the most votes get a financial contribution of up to £6000.

Building Cladding

7th Oct 2011 - Cladding 2 All pictures by F Wright
At the building site, the roof is complete all but the last few ridge tiles, the cladding has started, the windows and doors have been specified, agreed and ordered, and plans for the electrical supply are progressing much better now.
Unlike the inital rush, work on the cladding is ticking over and its now possible to get a feel for how the whole building will look...

20/20 Match Funding - The Result

Back in September 2010, we were set a challenge: raise £20,000 by the end of September 2011, and every £1 will be matched, so the project will benefit from a total of £40,000 as a result of our efforts.

So here we are at the end of the allotted time. How did we do?

Sponsored Boating

Despite a very (very, very) wet morning on Sunday, lots of Sea Scouts turned out for our sponsored boating.  The weather improved through the day, and we also had a few visitors to our stand at the Testwood Lakes Great Outdoors Open Day.  Thanks very much to everyone who organised, helped out or turned up to take part - we sold a few more raffle tickets, and made some money on the refreshments, before we even start counting the money raised by the boating.  We also spoke to quite a few people about potentially joining or volunteering to help us.