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Testwood Aquativity Centre

A purpose-built boating centre
Built and managed by Eling Sea Scouts
A 21st Century Scout Headquarters and Water Activities Centre
 But we still need your help, now to complete the fitting out of the building and the grounds, including fencing and paving!
If you think you can help in any way please get in touch.

To keep fully up to date on developments and for more details about the construction work then see our Blog below.
Aquativity News

Upper deck preview 1st September

1st Sept - Upstairs preview 1
Yesterday, we had an offical visit to look around the inside of the building, including the upper deck!
The ground floor has remained relativly unchanged from out visit 4 weeks ago, in the open air.
The roof is now watertight and fully battened ready for tileing over next week.  Since the staircases are not due to be fitted for a while, access to the top deck is via the scafolding (see right).
Inside, there are still a number of building supports present and the walls are in the framework stages, but it is starting to feel like a new hut inside as well as out.  The views across the lake from the main hall are stunning!
1st Sept - Upstairs preview 2 1st Sept - Upstairs preview 3

Back from hols

Welcome back to the blog - the project has been very busy through August since my last posting here.

2 big areas of news to mention today:

  • The construction project is really progressing well.  You may have seen updates here over recent weeks - the frame is up, the roof is watertight and we're starting to put the roofing tiles on next week.  Then cladding on the walls, and windows and doors, then....  A few of us had an official site visit yesterday morning to take a look around both floors - it is looking a fantastic space and we can't wait to get the building into use.
  • The fundraising is also progressing well.  Netley Marsh Steam Rally was held in July and each year they make donations from their takings to local good causes.  This year they have been fantastic to our project and granted £3,000 to us.  The hard work that many members of the Sea Scouts group put in to help with the litter picking each year has helped keep the group and project in their focus, so thanks to everyone involved in that.
The 20/20 fundraising total is now over £15,000 with a month to go.  Lots going on in September, with sponsored boating this Sunday, combined with the Wildlife Trust's open day (looking forward to a fantastic busy day at the lakes).  Then on 17th September, we host the Solent Sea Scouts Pulling and Kayaking Regatta - another chance for draw ticket and refreshment selling.  Then the grand draw will be drawn on the evening of 30th September - we're starting to make plans for that and looking to sell as many tickets as possible before then.

It is going to be a busy month on both the construction and fundraising fronts.

Felt underlay finished

On Tuesday, the remainder of the underlay was fitted over the main deck and poop deck.
30th August - Felt in progress 1 30th August - Felt in progress 2

26th August - Underlay

Continuing the effort to achieve a water-tight shell before too long, the underlay has been installed on top of the boards. This provides an extra layer of water-proofing under the tiles and prevents the wood from rotting.
26th August - Underlay 1 26th August - Underlay 3
26th August - Underlay 2 26th August - Underlay 4
All pictures by F Wright

24th August - Roof boards side 2

Second day of roofing, the port side of the main deck and poop deck has been boarded.
24th August - Roof boards 1
24th August - Roof boards 2 24th August - Roof boards 3
All pictures by F Wright

23rd August - Roofing begins

At long last the roof has been started. Today the first boards used to support the tiles were afixed to the beams above the main deck on the landward side.
23rd August - Roofing starts 1
23rd August - Roofing starts 2 23rd August - Roofing starts 3
All pictures by F Wright

Spot the difference

Only a single update this week, visible progress has slowed and a game of spot the difference is needed each day.
17th August 2011 - Focsel Rafters 1
All pictures by F Wright

2nd Floor construction and Roof

A busy afternoon Tuesday and the second floor appeared completed, with both outside and internal walls in position. The main steel beams, needed to support the roof over the main hall, were also installed; perhaps we should refer to the parts of the building by their nautical terms already, since we are sea scouts. Wooden beams were also added over the smaller poop deck area.
10th August 2011 - Second floor walls up 1
10th August 2011 - Second floor walls up 2 10th August 2011 - Second floor walls up 3
All pictures by F Wright
Views from the sea-side(1), public car-park(2) and main gate(3,4).

9th August - 2nd floor and roof

Thankfully missing the rain this time, the panels for the second floor walls and the roof beams arrived onsite this morning. With the same rapid progress as before, it wasnt long untill the building filled out the scaffolding.
9th August 2011 - 2nd floor and roof 1

5th August

Another day and progress continues, this time finishing the second floor shell and floorboading the main hall. Today also saw the arrival fo the scaffolding in preperation for the second floor shell and roof.
5th August 2011 - 2