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Testwood Aquativity Centre

A purpose-built boating centre
Built and managed by Eling Sea Scouts
A 21st Century Scout Headquarters and Water Activities Centre
 But we still need your help, now to complete the fitting out of the building and the grounds, including fencing and paving!
If you think you can help in any way please get in touch.

To keep fully up to date on developments and for more details about the construction work then see our Blog below.
Aquativity News

Ground floor preview

A busy days construction over, we donned our hard hats and ventured inside the building just before closing up for the night.
Looking in the front door

The framework starts to go up

Wow, what a week!  The wooden plinth went in over Monday and Tuesday, scaffolding over Tuesday and Wednesday, and today the frame for the ground floor shot up.  A big crane arrived this morning, with a lorry load of wooden frame pieces, and within hours a building started to form.

Lots of details, pictures and videos on the Sea Scouts website thanks to Frank and Tim:

Framework begins - 1:00PM

After a very wet mornings work, the rain finally cleared in time to see the first floor shell completed
2011-08-04-1300-Ground-floor-Shell-complete-1 2011-08-04-1300-Ground-floor-Shell-complete-2
All pictures by F Wright

Framework begins - 8:30am

This morning, the wettest for quite sometime, the framework for the building began to arrive onsite.
30 - Framework arrives 1

3rd August 2011

Just a little bit of preparation work going on today, levelling up and checking the position of the brackets for the frame.
3rd August 2011 - 1
The Crane has been booked for thursday and the first timber lorry is supposed to arrive early tomorrow morning! This should see the major parts of the framework and lower floor inplace, ready for the upstairs and roof next week.

Scaffolding has arrived

A day later than expected but the scaffolding has arrived onsite
2nd August 2011 - Scaffolding 1

Floor is finished

With a hot sunny day to aid progress, the entire ground floor is down, although it will need to fully dry and harden over the weekend.
29th July 2011 Floor complete - 1 29th July 2011 Floor complete - 2
Now the timber frame company have started work with a mini-digger to create a level area around the building. This will provide room for the scaffolding to be erected around the outside of the building on Monday.

Flooring begins

Work started today on laying the concrete floor of the new building. An insulating liner and reinforcing iron-work was set-out within the layout of the foundations and at one o'clock, the first cement lorry arrived onsite.
28th July 2011, Laying the floor - 1 28th July 2011, Laying the floor - 2 28th July 2011, Laying the floor - 3
All pictures by Tim

Starting with the boatshed, concrete is poured into the foundations. Rakes and shovels are used to spread the mix and a laser level ensures a roughly even layer across the room.

Building status

Some more progress - a couple of photos to show you.  I haven't managed to get on site for a couple of days, but things are progressing day by day.  The brickwork for the footings is all in place as you can see.  Drainage, concrete raft and base brickwork for the walls all go in next, and we are firmly on track for the frame going up later this month.  I spoke with the building contractor this morning, and he remains confident in staying right on plan.  He's starting to talk about utilities connections, thinking a little way ahead for completing the shell.  So all is going very well.

BIG 20/20 Fundraising update

Don't forget we have a BIG 20/20 challenge running!
For every £1 we raise, we have another £1 to match it from our charitable benefactors, up to £20,000 with a deadline of the end of September.  So how are we doing?