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Testwood Aquativity Centre

A purpose-built boating centre
Built and managed by Eling Sea Scouts
A 21st Century Scout Headquarters and Water Activities Centre
 But we still need your help, now to complete the fitting out of the building and the grounds, including fencing and paving!
If you think you can help in any way please get in touch.

To keep fully up to date on developments and for more details about the construction work then see our Blog below.
Aquativity News

The momentum builds

First, the headline news - we have formally received Building Control approval - the design is acceptable to the local authority so we can proceed to construction.  Hooray!

We're finally in the process of making the last few arrangements to start building - getting approval of the facing materials to discharge our planning condition, completing the necessary forms for risk management, Health & Safety Executive notification etc.

First post of the new year

Sorry for the delay since the last posting; Christmas, New Year and then getting back into the swing have interrupted normal service.  But we are very much back into the swing now...

We're within grasping distance of having building regulations approval!  We've been told we've done everything that is required, just the paperwork to get sorted, and that is in hand.

We've reviewed the planning conditions associated with our planning permission:

Snow at the lakes

For the 2nd time in 2 weeks, we've had snow at Testwood Lakes.  This time the main lake has frozen and there is snow lying on the ice.  I got a few photos - here's a selection to show the beauty of this site.  A great place for the Aquativity Centre when it is ready.

Next project team meeting

We're getting together tomorrow night for a pre-Christmas drink with our building contractor and a chat over everything that is going on - funding, building regs, utilities connections, Sailability and pontoon, equipment...

As usual, I'll post any news arising from this meeting here.


Back in the late summer, many of the Sea Scouts took part in a sponsored boating day on the lake.  They sailed, rowed and paddled all day and raised money for every lap they completed.  The aim was to raise enough to buy a kayak or 2, as a start to rebuilding our fleet to replace the old kayaks which have had their day.  It was a really successful day, and raised well over £600, so we were hopeful of getting 2 kayaks or at least most of the money towards them.

Craft stall report

Phil, who was running his craft stall raising money for us yesterday, has sent in this report...

The next fundraising idea

One of our Scout's parents has taken the initiative to use his talents to raise some money and awareness for the project.  This coming Saturday he is running a stall at the local farmers market to sell hand-made pots.  As well as donating his profits, he is also handing out flyers (see below) to let people know what we're doing.

Please go along to Sunnyfields Farm this Saturday 11th December to support him, and buy a pot or two.  Many thanks Phil, and good luck.

Bag packing results

Having made £872 at the end of October by packing bags for shoppers at the local Asda supermarket, we've had a re-run today.

With huge numbers of people in Asda today filling their cupboards after the last few days of snow and ice, and over 50 members of the Sea Scout Group on duty, we've had a great day.  Thank you very much to everyone who organised, led or took part in this great group effort, and thank you also to the management, staff and customers of Totton Asda for their generosity.

And the result of all this effort today...

Brief meeting report

...and it was a brief meeting, not least because it was on the lake's shore in a few inches of snow at about -3 Celsius so none of us wanted to hang around chatting for too long!

Activities for the first week of December

A few things happening on the project this week to let you know about:

Fleet Management
3 of us (Chairman, Group Scout Leader and Boating Manager) met on Monday to discuss 2 closely related matters - funding for the fleet of boats we need, and plans for the practical operation of the centre once it is ready.  We discussed issues like